I've been thinking about our beautiful county and all of it's issues. For an example, unemployment and reliance on foreign oil. My personal thought is to open up factories making solar planes, hydroelectricity reservoirs, and wind turbines.

Opening up factories are expensive, so we will have to borrow more money from our foreign relations, but this will be paid back after we get our economy started again (the idea to spend to get out of). Opening these factories will start jobs for the common American, like the car manufacturing in Detroit did in the '20's. It's simple pieces fitting into a bigger picture, yes strenuous work but it is a start for both designers, labour workers, trucker, managers, oversees, and other various jobs (like construction workers to make the factories themselves in the beginning, not to mention the shops where to sell them, or people to fix such machines). 

By making factories and we can start to over produce the mention products, causing price to fall, meaning the average household can buy such things providing them with cheaper, saver, and getting rid of the need for foreign oil. 

Because of the factories being government own and operated, the profits will go to the government which the can be used to pay off debts and other such things the government pays for, causing taxes to drop. 

Once Americans have enough of the solar planes, wind turbines, and other such energy producers, we can start to sell them on a global market at a cheap price, not only helping money flood into our country, but start to help the world with getting ahold of the future energy making this world a happier place and free of emission of toxic chemicals. 

Yes, we are going to screw the billion dollar oil companies, but hey, they screwed us first, right? Once we become stronger in our finical department we can help the world (or destroy it- I would prefer if we chose to help it).

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  1. Not sure if the government is capable of managimg the funds.. but nice idea.