Warped Text


I've been thinking about our beautiful county and all of it's issues. For an example, unemployment and reliance on foreign oil. My personal thought is to open up factories making solar planes, hydroelectricity reservoirs, and wind turbines.

Opening up factories are expensive, so we will have to borrow more money from our foreign relations, but this will be paid back after we get our economy started again (the idea to spend to get out of). Opening these factories will start jobs for the common American, like the car manufacturing in Detroit did in the '20's. It's simple pieces fitting into a bigger picture, yes strenuous work but it is a start for both designers, labour workers, trucker, managers, oversees, and other various jobs (like construction workers to make the factories themselves in the beginning, not to mention the shops where to sell them, or people to fix such machines). 

By making factories and we can start to over produce the mention products, causing price to fall, meaning the average household can buy such things providing them with cheaper, saver, and getting rid of the need for foreign oil. 

Because of the factories being government own and operated, the profits will go to the government which the can be used to pay off debts and other such things the government pays for, causing taxes to drop. 

Once Americans have enough of the solar planes, wind turbines, and other such energy producers, we can start to sell them on a global market at a cheap price, not only helping money flood into our country, but start to help the world with getting ahold of the future energy making this world a happier place and free of emission of toxic chemicals. 

Yes, we are going to screw the billion dollar oil companies, but hey, they screwed us first, right? Once we become stronger in our finical department we can help the world (or destroy it- I would prefer if we chose to help it).

Anybody out there?

Okay, I get it, I've sixteen, I'm full of crap. I've got no experience, what do I know about life? I'm still learning.
Yes, I'm still learning, but just maybe I can change the world. That's what I'm getting at.
Look, I can see your point. And if I'm wrong - I'm wrong, I'll admit it.
All I ask is that you look at me and listen to what am saying as if I was older. I've done more things then most people have in a life time. If I die at age thirty, figuratively saying, half of my life is already over.

How do you know if I can change the world if you dismiss me because of my age? Isn't the point of having kids is to keep the race going on? I'm talking as much to you as I am to my peers. The world is a giant high school. There are still preps, dorks, outcasts, nerds, jocks, teachers, principals, and superintendents. High school is the set up of our adulthood. How we learn to act than, we hold until adults. This is where habits form, this is what I am getting at.

Look around you! Tell me if you see some of high school habits, things you think would be reserved for a child of my age, going on.

You see it every day.

We are a culture here in America that has exploded out of this idea of youth for ever. Look at our celebrities. Look at what we have come to do to ourselves to look young forever. This in itself is a childish act. You age, you become wise in years, you have survived things younger people haven't, you are human, you are meant to be imperfect.

I know this sounds unbelievable coming from a person as young as I am, but I've become enlightened in some sort of way. I believe we can come better people, a better society, we can better ourselves.

This is what I'm still working out. But I know it starts at the youngest members of our society. Teach them love, teach them peace, teach them dreams. We are no different from the person we sit next to. We are all flesh and blood, bones and cells, we are all love and understanding at the roots of our capillaries. This is what am getting at. Love not war! Start at the bottom and work our way up. Children are our hope, they are still so pure, so innocent, keep them that way, keep them all that way, and we will all learn to be pure and innocent. They are untainted by bias, hate, discrimination, and yes- experience.

Have to taught your child to love all beings great and small? This is where it can start. How do you expect a child to love all humans if they can't get over a tiny insect. All creatures are here to live with us, whether we want them or not (I would explain my idea of souls here, but I'll save that for later).

Am I making any sense? Are you getting what am saying? Hello, is there anybody out there? (Pink Floyd-  The Wall reference).

A Girl in a Coat

I thought I was lookin’ for a definition
I thought I wanted a name
Define the world
I can’t do
Not sitting here listening to a bunch of teenage yo-bos
Define the world
Travel the seven seas
Learn all there is to know
Define the world
Is that what I had said?
Looking out
Into an endless night sky
I realize how small and unimportant we are
We are like the stars
That twinkle ever so brightly
Very unique, but very similar
And so far
Who am I to define the world?
Sitting in the back of a greyhound bus
My winter coat pulled tight
Since the heat ain’t workin’ right
I look around me at the people  here with me
Do they know we they are going?
Where have they came from?
What’s their story?
I’m nothing but a girl in a coat to them
Is that all I am?
Is that all I will be?
Is that all I can say?
I want something more…
I want to be able to say I mean something
I want to have an effect on a little girl somewhere
Just like Pete Townshend has had on me
I want to wake up
Know that I’m wanted awake
That my life changed something
Changed someone
Just because I’m me…
Looking out the window
My hand  finds my Who pin by habit
Somewhere out there-
I look at the darken houses we drive by
-Is a girl
Maybe across the oceans
Maybe twenty feet from this shoddy road
There is a girl
(or boy for that matter)
Just like me
Curled up in bed
With a whippet pressed against their chest
Thinking about something much larger
Than they could possible fathom
Is that what I’m meant to be
Or am I just the ever simple dreamer
What am I besides a girl in a coat?
I’ve done some amazing things
I’ve seen things people could only dream
I’ve been places
I’ve done that
Though I’m young-
And very much criticized for that-
I have a feeling I’m going to wonder into something I may regret
Some puddle are like lakes after all
But what am I besides a girl in a coat?


So many things cross my mind while am wondering the school halls and go in and out of classes.
Maybe the simple fact we are treated like ants- a colony of ants marching though life- annoys me. We are conformed, though we have no uniforms, we have an make shift style that uniforms us as a colourful swam. We all act the same, we all treat each other the same, we are all taught the same.

And that's just it, isn't it? We aren't the same. I'm not you, you are not me, and both of us are very different from him or her or them. Who are we but a grade to those teachers? Who are we but another paycheck? Who are we but another student, another graduate, another dropout, another being going on into this big world?

How can we change a society when our youth, our future, is told to conform. I mean they don't say it literally, but it is implied. Get along with other students, don't speak out, don't stand out and you won't get pick on, don't act different.

They once crushed my dreams. Telling me I could never be, by shoving me in the corner handing me a grade. Could I improve? Yes. Did I have to? No, I was average. Should I help this student then? No, she is fine, she is average, no better, no worse. That is what our schools want, they want average. They want us to not over succeed, and never to fail. We can not improve ourselves this way.

Tell me how to teach love and peace in a uniformed school?
Tell me how to teach dreams here?
Tell me how to teach individuality here?
What can we do?
How can we change us, if we can't change our next generation.
This is where is starts people!
We need to believe in the next generation!
We need to teach them love, not wars!
Teach them to dream, not how to conquer the mediocre!
Believe in us! Teach us! Love us! And together we can better!
See me! Feel me! Touch me! Heal me! (-Tommy for those who don't know)

I Can't Explain

"I've got a feeling inside that I can't explain"- The Who ~I Can't Explain

Where should I start? I guess with who I am. You can call me Poet Master for now. Am a high school student, lost somewhere in this great big universe.

Why lost you ask? Simple, I'm the outcast, the girl everyone shoves out of the way making her drop her books. I'm the girl that works on the school newspaper writing stories about things that interest her including the rival of the Mod subculture, The Who, and vinyl records. Yes, vinyl records. I'm sitting here listening to my turntable as I type this. I guess you are going to say something about being an outcast is your own choice- and yes, it is in a sense. Sometimes it is, but you can't really change who you are on the inside and why should you, you know? Why should you appease to a bunch of teenagers? Why should you fit in if you aren't happy betraying your true identity?

Some of us aren't meant to fit in. I like this Roger Daltrey quote; it's about Kenney Jones but you can see how am applying it: "It's like having a wheel off a Cadillac stuck onto a Rolls Royce. It's a great wheel, but it's the wrong one." I'm the wrong wheel you see?

In Clockwork Orange Anthony Burgess explains adolescence as a sickness.
I believe, as this book points out, this is the time to decide if you want to be good or bad. This is how you learn to grow up. Actually I believe it goes something a little more like this:

When you are a kid, a young child, a baby even, you are this pure form of good. You have done nothing wrong (of you're own doing anyways) and something happens (hormones possibly?), and you become a teenager. A teenager is bad, we are selfish and manipulative. From here you choose, good or bad. I think bad is just you never grow up. You still act like a teenager, I mean all the time, not just when you fool around.

Adolescence is a sickness and "sickness will take the minds where minds can't usually go," (The Who's Tommy).

Are you somewhere lost as I am? Will you come on the Amazing Journey?


If you say so
I'll believe
Name me something else
If you believe you have too
I'm a prisoner
Or the dimmer
Prisoner of my eduction
Faulted by the students
That I can't rise
My mind delay by the system
The system of which is faulty at best
Just because others won't learn
And I'm the one left in the dark
Left because I'm smarter
And because my veiws are different
So if you say so
Tie me up and deny me my rights
If you must
Because I won't stop believing