Anybody out there?

Okay, I get it, I've sixteen, I'm full of crap. I've got no experience, what do I know about life? I'm still learning.
Yes, I'm still learning, but just maybe I can change the world. That's what I'm getting at.
Look, I can see your point. And if I'm wrong - I'm wrong, I'll admit it.
All I ask is that you look at me and listen to what am saying as if I was older. I've done more things then most people have in a life time. If I die at age thirty, figuratively saying, half of my life is already over.

How do you know if I can change the world if you dismiss me because of my age? Isn't the point of having kids is to keep the race going on? I'm talking as much to you as I am to my peers. The world is a giant high school. There are still preps, dorks, outcasts, nerds, jocks, teachers, principals, and superintendents. High school is the set up of our adulthood. How we learn to act than, we hold until adults. This is where habits form, this is what I am getting at.

Look around you! Tell me if you see some of high school habits, things you think would be reserved for a child of my age, going on.

You see it every day.

We are a culture here in America that has exploded out of this idea of youth for ever. Look at our celebrities. Look at what we have come to do to ourselves to look young forever. This in itself is a childish act. You age, you become wise in years, you have survived things younger people haven't, you are human, you are meant to be imperfect.

I know this sounds unbelievable coming from a person as young as I am, but I've become enlightened in some sort of way. I believe we can come better people, a better society, we can better ourselves.

This is what I'm still working out. But I know it starts at the youngest members of our society. Teach them love, teach them peace, teach them dreams. We are no different from the person we sit next to. We are all flesh and blood, bones and cells, we are all love and understanding at the roots of our capillaries. This is what am getting at. Love not war! Start at the bottom and work our way up. Children are our hope, they are still so pure, so innocent, keep them that way, keep them all that way, and we will all learn to be pure and innocent. They are untainted by bias, hate, discrimination, and yes- experience.

Have to taught your child to love all beings great and small? This is where it can start. How do you expect a child to love all humans if they can't get over a tiny insect. All creatures are here to live with us, whether we want them or not (I would explain my idea of souls here, but I'll save that for later).

Am I making any sense? Are you getting what am saying? Hello, is there anybody out there? (Pink Floyd-  The Wall reference).

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