I Can't Explain

"I've got a feeling inside that I can't explain"- The Who ~I Can't Explain

Where should I start? I guess with who I am. You can call me Poet Master for now. Am a high school student, lost somewhere in this great big universe.

Why lost you ask? Simple, I'm the outcast, the girl everyone shoves out of the way making her drop her books. I'm the girl that works on the school newspaper writing stories about things that interest her including the rival of the Mod subculture, The Who, and vinyl records. Yes, vinyl records. I'm sitting here listening to my turntable as I type this. I guess you are going to say something about being an outcast is your own choice- and yes, it is in a sense. Sometimes it is, but you can't really change who you are on the inside and why should you, you know? Why should you appease to a bunch of teenagers? Why should you fit in if you aren't happy betraying your true identity?

Some of us aren't meant to fit in. I like this Roger Daltrey quote; it's about Kenney Jones but you can see how am applying it: "It's like having a wheel off a Cadillac stuck onto a Rolls Royce. It's a great wheel, but it's the wrong one." I'm the wrong wheel you see?

In Clockwork Orange Anthony Burgess explains adolescence as a sickness.
I believe, as this book points out, this is the time to decide if you want to be good or bad. This is how you learn to grow up. Actually I believe it goes something a little more like this:

When you are a kid, a young child, a baby even, you are this pure form of good. You have done nothing wrong (of you're own doing anyways) and something happens (hormones possibly?), and you become a teenager. A teenager is bad, we are selfish and manipulative. From here you choose, good or bad. I think bad is just you never grow up. You still act like a teenager, I mean all the time, not just when you fool around.

Adolescence is a sickness and "sickness will take the minds where minds can't usually go," (The Who's Tommy).

Are you somewhere lost as I am? Will you come on the Amazing Journey?

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