So many things cross my mind while am wondering the school halls and go in and out of classes.
Maybe the simple fact we are treated like ants- a colony of ants marching though life- annoys me. We are conformed, though we have no uniforms, we have an make shift style that uniforms us as a colourful swam. We all act the same, we all treat each other the same, we are all taught the same.

And that's just it, isn't it? We aren't the same. I'm not you, you are not me, and both of us are very different from him or her or them. Who are we but a grade to those teachers? Who are we but another paycheck? Who are we but another student, another graduate, another dropout, another being going on into this big world?

How can we change a society when our youth, our future, is told to conform. I mean they don't say it literally, but it is implied. Get along with other students, don't speak out, don't stand out and you won't get pick on, don't act different.

They once crushed my dreams. Telling me I could never be, by shoving me in the corner handing me a grade. Could I improve? Yes. Did I have to? No, I was average. Should I help this student then? No, she is fine, she is average, no better, no worse. That is what our schools want, they want average. They want us to not over succeed, and never to fail. We can not improve ourselves this way.

Tell me how to teach love and peace in a uniformed school?
Tell me how to teach dreams here?
Tell me how to teach individuality here?
What can we do?
How can we change us, if we can't change our next generation.
This is where is starts people!
We need to believe in the next generation!
We need to teach them love, not wars!
Teach them to dream, not how to conquer the mediocre!
Believe in us! Teach us! Love us! And together we can better!
See me! Feel me! Touch me! Heal me! (-Tommy for those who don't know)

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