A Girl in a Coat

I thought I was lookin’ for a definition
I thought I wanted a name
Define the world
I can’t do
Not sitting here listening to a bunch of teenage yo-bos
Define the world
Travel the seven seas
Learn all there is to know
Define the world
Is that what I had said?
Looking out
Into an endless night sky
I realize how small and unimportant we are
We are like the stars
That twinkle ever so brightly
Very unique, but very similar
And so far
Who am I to define the world?
Sitting in the back of a greyhound bus
My winter coat pulled tight
Since the heat ain’t workin’ right
I look around me at the people  here with me
Do they know we they are going?
Where have they came from?
What’s their story?
I’m nothing but a girl in a coat to them
Is that all I am?
Is that all I will be?
Is that all I can say?
I want something more…
I want to be able to say I mean something
I want to have an effect on a little girl somewhere
Just like Pete Townshend has had on me
I want to wake up
Know that I’m wanted awake
That my life changed something
Changed someone
Just because I’m me…
Looking out the window
My hand  finds my Who pin by habit
Somewhere out there-
I look at the darken houses we drive by
-Is a girl
Maybe across the oceans
Maybe twenty feet from this shoddy road
There is a girl
(or boy for that matter)
Just like me
Curled up in bed
With a whippet pressed against their chest
Thinking about something much larger
Than they could possible fathom
Is that what I’m meant to be
Or am I just the ever simple dreamer
What am I besides a girl in a coat?
I’ve done some amazing things
I’ve seen things people could only dream
I’ve been places
I’ve done that
Though I’m young-
And very much criticized for that-
I have a feeling I’m going to wonder into something I may regret
Some puddle are like lakes after all
But what am I besides a girl in a coat?

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